February 2024: I went to Korea for training. Part 1: Visiting a beauty salon

I went to Korea for training from February 1st to 4th.

Day 1
I went to a certain famous beauty salon (a favorite of a certain famous Korean celebrity, who is so busy getting appointments) .

We also had the opportunity to tour the salon, which the male staff normally do not enter.

The treatment details were explained in detail, and I was impressed by the esthetician's smooth technique! All my questions were answered carefully, so I had a very valuable time.

Photo 1: Cleansing before treatment

Photo 2: Put a modeling pack on top of the pack and let the ingredients penetrate

Photo 3: The gel ingredients in the pack are absorbed by applying light.

Photo 4: Record the treatment for future reference

Photo 5: Group photo taken at the end

Dear staff,
Thank you for your kind response despite the short amount of time.